Competition Rules

Only financial members are eligible to enter club competitions with the exception of the End of Year Competition. Members who have opted not to renew their membership are eligible to enter the End of Year Competition if they have been financial members during the year to which the End of Year competition applies. All other End of Year rules apply to such lapsed member entries.
The following rules apply to all Club competitions:
There are two competition grades:
B Grade: For members new to club photographic competition. It is also for less experienced or skilled photographers looking to hone their art in competition without the stress of competing against more accomplished photographers.
A Grade: For more experienced and accomplished photographers.
Competitions are held monthly during the year with an End of Year competition in December.

Monthly Competitions

There are 6 competition sections each month, although a member is eligible to enter only the Set Subject and two sections which pertain to their grade:
  • B Grade Open Prints
  • A Grade Open Prints
  • B Grade Open Projected Images
  • A Grade Open Projected Images
Members may enter up to a total of 6 entries in any month across their four relevant sections. The restrictions are:
  • No member may enter more than 3 images in any one section
  • No member may enter more than 3 prints overall
  • No member may enter more than 3 digitals overall
Entries must be submitted to the Competition Secretary at the club meeting prior to the competition. Entry closing dates for each competition will be published in the syllabus.
Print entries must be accompanied by a completed Competition Entry form which may be obtained from the website or the Competition Secretary. 


  • May be colour or monochrome (unless prescribed by set subject).
  • Must be fully the work of the competing member.
  • May be printed commercially or by the competing member.
  • Must be identified with the competition being entered, a title and the member’s competition number written on the back of the print. Do not write your name.
  • Should be marked with an arrow on the back so it is clear which way up the image is to be viewed.
  • Should be mounted (matted). Unmounted prints may not be accepted, at the discretion of the competition secretary. The maximum size for the image is 16 x 20 inches, including the mount.

Projected Images:

  • Must be in JPEG format
  • Post-processing is allowed
  • Sized to a maximum of 1920 pixels (width) and 1080 pixels (height) and a maximum file size of 3 MB (this is NOT 1920 pixels on the long edge)
  • Digital images must be entered via the CPS website or as advised by the club

Paul Robinson Trophy

July's monthly competition is replaced by the Paul Robinson Trophy. The club's founder, Paul Robinson, selects a set subject for the competition each year. Members bring entries on the night and Paul judges the competition on the night
  • Certificates are awarded to winners in : A Grade Prints, B Grade Prints, A Grade Projected Images, B Grade Projected Images
  • There is a trophy for the top entry regardless of category.
  • Entries in this competition do not count towards aggregate awards.
  • Refer to the syllabus for this year’s subjects
Entries which have received a placing or merit in any monthly competition (including the Paul Robinson Trophy) are no longer eligible to be entered into monthly club competitions. 

Interclub competitions

Interclub competitions between CPS and other clubs may be held from time to time

End of Year competitions

The End of Year competition takes place in December.
Awards are presented to a winner and a runner-up in the following sections:
  • Monochrome Print
  • Portrait Print
  • Nature Projected Image
  • B Grade Open Print
  • A Grade Open Print
  • Field Trip Projected Image
  • B Grade Open Projected Image
  • A Grade Open Projected Image
  • John Commin Memorial Landscape Trophy (print competition, winner only)
One outstanding Image of the Year - is selected from all entries in the above sections
The John Commin Memorial Landscape Trophy is a perpetual trophy awarded annually for the best landscape or seascape print in the End of Year competition. Entries must have been entered into competition during the year and there is a limit of two entries per member.
Aggregate Awards: are presented to winners and runners-up for attaining the highest aggregate score in A Grade Prints; B Grade prints; A Grade Projected Images; B Grade Projected Images.
Aggregate scores are calculated by adding the top 20 scores achieved by each member in each of the above categories throughout the year.

EOY Conditions of entry

  • Members may enter up to two images in any section for which they are eligible.
  • B Graders may not enter the A Grade section if there is an equivalent section for B grade members eg: A Grade open print/B Grade open print.
  • All entries must have been entered in monthly competition during the year, except for those in the Field Trip section.
  • An image must be entered in the same medium (i.e print; digital; slides) in monthly and end of year competitions.
  • Digital images must be uploaded via the website. 

To be eligible for the End of Year Nature category, photographs must comply with the following definition:

Nature photographs can depict any branch of natural history except anthropology and archaeology, The primary subject matter can be living organisms (animals, insects and growing plants), landscapes, geologic formations, or weather phenomena. This includes images taken with subjects in controlled conditions such as zoos, game farms, botanical gardens and aquariums. Photographs of cultivated or human created hybrid plants (either food or decorative), or domesticated animals are ineligible. Human elements should not be visible, except where they are integral parts of the nature story, such as wild creatures adapting to the built environment. Scientific tags and bands on wild animals are allowed.

Stitched panoramas, focus stacking and HDR are allowed. Minor edits to remove distractions and improve the artistic impact of the photograph are permitted so long as they do not alter the truth of the primary subject.


Contact  the Competition Steward at if you need a competition number or have a query related to the above rules