Photo Treasure Hunt at Fitzroy Gardens

You know, I’ve lived in Melbourne for a long time and well, I’ve been to Fitzroy Gardens before; usually the start or finish of an event, or a meeting place, but never to simply explore and enjoy the surrounds. I got that opportunity this year at the annual Treasure Hunt with Caulfield Photographic Society. Our esteemed Field Trip Co-Ordinator does a recce and challenges us with a shopping list of photos we must take. It’s a different location every year, but Fitzroy Gardens was our destination this year. On the shopping list were things such as “Where Water Flows”, “A beautiful Tree”, “Two and One”. Some topics more open to more interpretation that others.

Hanging Branches_Donald Linda
Hanging Down: Hanging Branches by Linda Donald

Then began the exploration of the beautiful green space complete with lovely trees and shade. Perfect for a picnic – note to self. But there are many other surprises that I had not discovered before. For example, the model Tudor village. This is of itself quite cute, yet the history adds to the fascination. It was crafted by a 77 year old pensioner, Mr. Edgar Wilson, in London, England. It was subsequently presented to the City of Melbourne in appreciation of Melbourne sending food to Britain, during the Second World War.

Take the low road_Power Dave
Low to the Ground: Take the low road by Dave Power

And then there is the Fairies Tree, a redgum sculpted by Australian artist Ola Cohn between 1931 and 1934 that she donated to the children of Melbourne. It has fabulous Australiana characters including a kangaroo, koala and kookaburra amongst the more fictional characters. Thankfully we can still enjoy these sculptures more than 80 years later due to preservation efforts.

Fantasy Tree by Kath Gillies
Fantasy: Fantasy Tree by Kath Gillies

There are plenty of other sights to enjoy including Cooks Cottage, The Conservatory, waterfalls and water features. Such a peaceful destination with beautiful trees and plants. The plantings resemble the Union Jack, a fact I only discovered afterwards. This was apparently an accidental result. I do know one thing however, I will be back!

Check out some of our other shots from the day.

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