Korumburra Weekend

Caulfield Photographic Society Members enjoyed a great weekend at Korumburra recently.  Located in the foothills of the of the Strzelecki Ranges provided us opportunities to photograph rolling landscapes, autumn colours, farm life, birds, Markets and Coal Creek community park and museum.  Comfortable accommodation across two neighbouring houses made for a relaxing social weekend (albeit for the early rises for landscapes!).

Autumn scene near Korumburra
Red Glow

Poddy Calves were of great interest to our city dwelling club members.  The calves it seems had just as much interest in us.

Curious Calves on the outskirts of Korumburra
Curious Calves

Resident Alpacas at our accommodation provided easy targets for photographing exploits.

What is on your foot?

The town of Konwak is about 15km from Korumburra and has less than 200 people. The Sunday Konwak Market has an eclectic mix of items ranging from your fruit and veg, plants, retro, second had clothing, old wares, craft items, a fabulous book shop and more. If you are near South Gippsland on a Sunday, it is definitely worth a look.

Konwak Market
Trawling Konwak Market


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