It takes 4 .. or is it 6 ?

You could be forgiven if you thought we only have 4 members at Caulfield Photographic Society!  All night at the end of year competition the winners were called … Mario, Gary, Gary, Mario,  Mario, Gary; Gwen, Daniel, Daniel, Gwen, oh and congratulations to Lauren & Karen who managed to steal a couple of awards away from our newly crowned Awesome Foursome!

EOY Winners
End of Year Winners .. all 6 of them!

To top that off, I’ve created my own award for the most imaginative title.  And the winner goes to …. drumroll …… Gary, to a paddock full of cows surrounded by a flock of egrets.  The title was “egrets, I’ve had a few”.  Well the rest of us will have to sharpen our pencils for next year and enter the battle for my newly imagined competition for most creative title.  The competition will certainly hot up as our talented novices move up to the general section next year.  Look out Mario & Gary, its on!!

2016 Image of the Year
Image of the Year goes to …. Gary, for his image “Locky”

You can view the winning end of year images on our Competition Winners page for December.

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  1. What a great night to choose as my first meeting as a paid-up member! Its almost eight months since that first night, and I look forward to many more!

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